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Hub n' ALL

  • Unique, patented, all-in-one folding design.
  • Hub and laterals come completely assembled.
  • Riser attaches to Hub n’ ALL before inserting into the tank.
  • Laterals easily lock into position from outside the tank with an S-hook tool.
  • Hands never have to enter the tank.
  • Unique lateral slot design creates a more vigorous and efficient back wash flow.
  • Slots in end plugs provide additional flow to the harder-to-reach sides of the tank.
  • Tapered laterals assure good flow all the way to the slotted end plugs.
  • Strong, glass-reinforced ABS material.
  • Fits 4” tank opening and works with either 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” riser pipes.
  • Assembly can be removed from tank in one piece. Makes removal quick and easy.
  • Slot width 0.012”.
  • 80 GPM @ 6 PSI with just six laterals.
  • Cuts installation time and labor costs by as much as 80%.